Reddit Crawler and Visualisation

This project is a Reddit data crawler that does not depend on the Reddit API. It is meant to be run on a remote machine so cron jobs can be set up. It also builds a simple dashboard based on a subreddit for demo purposes.

It can be found here. It is also on GitHub here

Word Cloud Generator

This project is a Word Cloud Generator using d3.js, to enable the word clouds to be generated and configured easily.

It also features several data pre-processing methods to make the word cloud more informative.

It can be found here. It is also on GitHub here

Sentiment Analysis

This project is a collection of several lexicons used for sentiment analysis. This project is done purely using JavaScript with no node dependencies.

It features several well-known lexicons for sentiment analysis and also real-time evaluation of the text.

It can be found here. It is also on GitHub here

FIT5032 - Internet Applications Development

This project was done in the year 2018. I made major changes to both the readings and tutorial materials.

The previous offerings of the unit were not done using the MVC architecture and still used WebForms.

Hopefully, since I am no longer working in Monash, the unit is still being updated and getting the love it deserves as an introduction unit.


This project was an extension inspired by the post made here

However during that, time, I was not able to dedicate enough of my time to complete the project. However, the baseline still exists and working, potentially including it in future projects.